Takt 12

3D printed whole chair

Year: 2021
Producer: Molgard APS www.molgard.com

The bid of the time for an experimental tone.

As engineers and designers, we need to move. Investigate and experiment. Relate to history, look into the present and bring it all into a solution that the future can use for something.

Based on the rigorous, Scandinavian design language, we have therefore explored and tested new design and construction principles for 1: 1 3D-printed lightweight chairs. The 3D printer prints in layers of 0.12 mm – we call it ‘a rate of 0.12 mm’. The tone also consists of the innocent white tone of the 3d printed nylon. The chairs can be printed locally, there is no material waste, and the freight of raw materials is compact and thus CO2-friendly.

Shown at SE 2021