RotoBed Home


RotoBed®Home with fully automatic rotation – the most helpful bed ever

The newly launched model, RotoBed®Home, has just won the European Product Design Award (ePDA).

In fact, RotoBed®Home won in 2 categories:

Society – Design for Elders

Industrial and Life Science – Medical Furniture.

Furthermore, we received the honorable mention “Top Design Winner” in both categories. This is based on the jury’s scoring system and is given to 0, 1 or 2 products in each category.

The RotoBed®Free model has previously won the IF Design Award and we are happy that RotoBed®Home is received with the same enthusiasm. Our Danish designer, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, has just done a fantastic job, once again.

RotoBed®Home is an innovative bed with many welfare technological functions. The design is price awarded and you can add your own touch by choosing colours and headboards. Customize your RotoBed®Home here.

A RotoBed®Home offers you more freedom and higher quality of life:

  • With a RotoBed®Home, people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, are now able to do so with no physical effort.
  • By a single touch of a remote control the bed is elevated to chair position and rotated towards the room. It takes less than one minute.
  • This facilitates both exit and transition to a wheelchair or stand-aid.
  • Also back- and leg part are adjusted with remote control.
  • Patient surfarce in 4 parts with optimal support.
  • The rotating mechanism is quiet and very comfortable for the user.
  • Simple and comprehensive remote control.
  • Choose between oblique and perpendicular exit.
  • Favourite settings for backrest inclination and position during rotation can be stored.